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Fuelling convenience to the UAE’s top companies

Cost effective fleet operations, saving your business time and money

The CAFU Business advantage

There’s much more to it than fuel delivery
On-demand and pre-booking fuel and car wash services that fit your schedule and location
Fuel consumption and expense tracking
24/7 priority support for businesses
Employee benefits for your teams and organisation


Fuelling your fleet on demand or on a pre-booked schedule

Using data to help keep your fleet efficient

Keeping your fleet clean & fresh with car wash options

How much can you save with CAFU?

Estimate the potential cost and time savings achievable through our fleet fuelling services.
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All the insights you need

View your company’s fuel consumption and fleet efficiency data at your fingertips, harnessing cutting-edge technology to maximise returns.
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    In-depth fuel consumption insights
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    Detailed fleet and per-vehicle analytics
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    Advanced accounting functions
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    Live QR and RFID tracking

Questions? Answered.

Fuel delivery (Diesel, Biodiesel, E91, Special 95, Super 98), mobile car wash, tyre, oil and battery change services.

Our meters are checked and verified by Dubai Municipality. Our fuel products are regularly tested by certified laboratories to ensure they meet the standards set by the Emirates Authority of Standardization and Metrology.

Each vehicle is filled individually so that we can provide tracking and accountancy. We can fill up to 30 vehicles an hour.

Our petrol trucks have a typical flow rate of 24 litres per minute (LPM). Diesel is typically pumped at the same rate, though we do have high flow capability of up to 70LPM where safety and vehicle conditions allow.

If you run out of fuel you can order as usual using the app. Our Pilot will make a safety assessment based on your location and if we can safely help you, we’ll refuel your vehicle.

Our depot control centre and 24 hour emergency number are always ready to support you, and our large network means we can normally reach you in as little as 15 minutes.

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