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Rise and shine. Your car deserves a spa day too.

Give your ride the glow up it’s worthy of. Allow our specialist car wash team to come to you and sparkle up your day.
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The spa for your car

Nobody likes a dirty ride – break free from the daily dirt and grime of Dubai’s sand pit with a few simple taps. Get your wheels back in showroom shape and sniff that new car smell once again.

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Classic Clean
Classic Clean is an eco-friendly car wash using high quality chemical and wax spray, and microfiber towels that will leave your car with a long-lasting finish.

Classic Clean + Interior
Classic Clean + Interior is an anti-bacterial BioCote process with interior vacuuming, and cleaning with anti-bacterial spray of upholstery, carpets, panels, and windows will leave your car with a long-lasting finish, as well as virus and 99.9% bacteria-free.

Premium Wash
Premium Wash is an exterior and interior car wash with best-in-class steamers that cleans dirt and odours with vacuuming and tyre polishing.

Premium Wash + Sanitisation
Premium Wash + Sanitisation is an exterior and interior car wash with best-in-class steamers that cleans dirt and odours with vacuuming, tyre polishing, AC vent fumigation, and surface disinfection.
Classic Clean
  1. We apply a specialist eco-friendly car wash product to capture surface dirt and bugs.
  2. Using a soft microfibre towel, we gently wipe down the bodywork to remove grime.
  3. We then add a high-quality wax sealant to protect the paintwork and lock-in the shine.
  4. Using a second microfibre towel, we give your car a final polish.

Classic Clean + Interior
  1. After cleaning and polishing the exterior (see above), we get to work on the interior.
  2. We remove and vacuum loose carpets, and vacuum fixed carpets, upholstery, panels and seats.
  3. Using our special Biocote anti-bacterial cleaning solution and microfibre towels, we sanitise all interior surfaces and windows, leaving them clean and fresh, free from viruses, and 99.9% bacteria free.

Premium Wash
  1. Using PH-neutral water, we apply steam to all exterior surfaces, before wiping down and waxing the bodywork using microfibre towels.
  2. We remove loose carpets, and steam-clean the interior surfaces (avoiding any sensitive areas such as the dash and instrument panels).
  3. We wipe all the surfaces down, again using microfibre towels, and apply a multipurpose cleaner, before thoroughly vacuuming the interior.
  4. Finally, we apply a detailing solution to leave your tyres looking slick.

Premium Wash + Sanitisation
  1. After following the Premium Wash steps described above, we get to work on sanitising your car’s interior.
  2. Using medical-grade (95% alcohol) antiseptic spray we disinfect all solid surfaces, including the dashboard and steering wheel.
  3. We use a fumigation device to create an antibacterial fog (you’ll need to be available to turn on the ignition to circulate this cleansing mist throughout your AC system).
  4. We close the doors and windows to allow the fog to go to work – it takes just seven minutes to disinfect your entire vehicle.
Our Crew won’t call unless he’s having difficulty finding your car or completing your order. Remember, you can get live updates of your order’s status via the app. (We recommend setting your phone to allow the CAFU app to display notifications.)

Tip: When requesting an order to be delivered, you can tell our Crew NOT to call. Just add instructions for your pilot from the app checkout screen.
Contact our Customer Care Team (800-MYCAFU) to reschedule a missed delivery.
The most common reason for order cancellation is a payment failure. Please make sure your card is valid and that you have sufficient funds available or check with your bank for any issues with your payment card.
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