CAFU Community

CAFU was born in the UAE, and we’re fully committed to doing our bit to keep it thriving. CAFU Community is where you can find out how we’re striving to operate our business ethically, and to give something back to the community.


CAFU Governance & Sustainable Operations

Science-based approach in measuring and reducing overall carbon emissions in our operations by integrating sustainability practices into everyday operations through goal setting metrics and quarterly reviews.

CAFU Employees ‘Purpose Ambassadors’ & Partners

CAFU is creating a culture of sustainability, responsibility, and diversity across the business to deliver on our ambitious vision and our commitment in conducting business in a lawful and ethical manner.

CAFU Customers

Committed to making it simpler and smarter for our customers to participate in making a positive impact on the planet and society.

CAFU Community

Focused on building innovative solutions using technology to create a lasting and positive impact around the world.


The Ghaf Project

After seeing the devastating impact of wildfires around the world, we began to think of ways we could help. Our first solution combines drone technology with one of the UAE’s natural treasures.

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As a globally focused company, CAFU has aligned itself with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is committed to creating a better environment through innovation and transformation in a rapidly evolving world.

Keeping in mind our continuous commitments to sustainability, reduced carbon emissions and the natural resources we consume, we’ve set out three pledges which we continue to achieve in our journey to success:

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

CAFU represents the UAE’s vision of becoming the world’s leading, innovative and the most technologically advanced country in the world. Innovation powers everything at CAFU, serving as a disruptor in everything we do.

Sustainable Cities & Communities

Recognised for our outstanding commitment to sustainable technology, CAFU was honoured with the ‘Gold Innovation in Sustainable Technologies’ award at the Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards 2020. CAFU formed the central pillar to sustainability with the commitment to plant one million Ghaf trees in the UAE to help lower carbon emissions and ultimately, combat climate change.

Climate Action

CAFU has an ambitious goal and we aim to see it through to fruition to help take our technology to the world stage of combating climate change.

CAFU’s main vision is to be able to plant trees as efficiently as it can deliver fuel using technology and Artificial Intelligence in an effort to lower carbon emissions and combat climate change aligning with local and international sustainability goals and standards.


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